Hello All!

I stumbled across an article this morning that i just related so much to. The article basically talks about the things most women start to understand and value by the age of 25. Although i am not 25 yet, and still live with my parents i still feel that this article summed up everything I’ve learnt about myself and life in general.

I am turning 24 this year and believe me i have no idea how i got here. There are times i go ‘age is just a number‘ and feel like i am about as immature as a 15 year old but i cannot deny that i actually do feel wiser and more confident in myself as time goes by. With each passing day i feel a growing sense of wisdom and although i still have my teenager like tantrums where i hate myself (and everyone around me); i have the wisdom to know that it is just a bad moment and not a bad life. I consider myself lucky to have the privileges that i do and no longer let other people’s opinions matter so much that i start to question my own values.

During teaching rounds last year when i had to teach 15-18 year olds, i remembered what a difficult phase of my life being a teenager was! You’ll have students randomly leaving the classroom in tears and their peers running after them and at times i just wanted to hold them and let them know that ‘sweety this is soo not the end of the world!’  You will wake up in a few days and realise how petty these things are. Of course i had to stop myself, because i know how annoying it was when adults told you to get over things!

I know people go on about how being young is the best and how they wish they could be kids again, but for me the amount of freedom and Independence i have in my 20s makes me feel so content and happy. Life is not perfect but i know it doesn’t have to be for me to be happy.

My advice to every person is just to embrace life. Be happy with yourself. If you’re in your teens, just hold on and realise that this is the time to be as crazy as you want without people holding it against you! If you’re in your 20s, challenge yourself. Take the time to travel, and put yourself in situations outside of your comfort zone because you will learn so much about yourself. When you make friends with yourself, you will inevitably love yourself.

So getting back to the article, please take a moment to read this post. Even though it talks about ‘women’, i am sure its as relevant to men as well (maybe just not 25 year old men lol).


Please do let me know what you think of the article!

Take care and love life xoxo